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I find it inspiring to hike in the forest or by the sea and take a lot of pictures. On rare occasions the landscape, weather and light are just right, and I immediately realize that it has to result in a painting. More often I only find elements that may be useful some day. Over time I get to know nature better and build up the knowledge that is necessary for composing paintings from the different pieces. The specific ideas for a painting often take shape when I browse through many pictures. Basic ideas may sometimes appear years before I have the skills to materialize them.



I typically start the work on a painting by studying a pile of photographs. The landscape, colours and various components like clouds, water surfaces and trees may be found in different pictures. I make some sketces with pencil on paper and consider how the lines should flow and objects be placed in order to create a harmonic composition. Generally the sketches are not very detailed. Much is decided later, when I frequently step back and look at the painting in progress from  a distance. I rely on photographs throughout the process, but the material that I fill in from my imagination can also be considerable. An example of how a painting is produced is shown below.